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CarlinKit 5.0 & 4.0 Wireless CarPlay Mini Adapter Android Auto Dongle Smart Car Play Box for iOS & Android BT Wifi Auto Connect


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CarPlay Android Auto Wireless Adapter - Model CPC200-2air/CPC200-CP2A

Upgrade your driving experience with our CarPlay Android Auto Wireless Adapter. Designed for seamless connectivity and ease of use, this adapter transforms your car's wired CarPlay or Android Auto system into a wireless one, offering the ultimate convenience and functionality. Enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity without sacrificing performance.

Key Features:

  • Plug and Play: Easy installation with no complicated setup required. Simply plug it in and enjoy wireless connectivity instantly.

  • Original Operation Steering Wheel Control: Maintain full control with your car's original steering wheel controls for a seamless driving experience.

  • Wide Compatibility: Works with 98% of OEM wired CarPlay or Android Auto compatible cars. Compatible with iOS 10+ devices and Android phones with Android 11+.

  • High-Speed WiFi Connection: Utilizes 5.8GHz WiFi transmission for fast and reliable data transfer.

  • Carlinkit 5.0 & 4.0 Wireless: Enjoy the latest in wireless CarPlay technology with Carlinkit 5.0 & 4.0 compatibility.

  • Wireless Android Auto Dongle: Also supports wireless Android Auto, making it versatile for both iOS and Android users.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: CPC200-2air/CPC200-CP2A
  • Product Name: CarPlay Android Auto Wireless Adapter
  • USB Port: Includes a USB port for data reading or cable connection

Detailed Comparison:

  1. CPC200-CP2A:
    • Compatibility: Works with both iPhone and Android phones, but only for cars with factory wired CarPlay.
  2. CPC200-2air:
    • Compatibility: Works with iPhone for cars with wired CarPlay, and with Android phones for cars with wired Android Auto.

Shared Features:

  • Extra USB Port: Both models include an extra USB port for wired connections or data reading, maintaining the functionality of your car's original USB port.

  • Automatic Connection: Both adapters support automatic connection, plug and play setup, split screen functionality, original control methods, sound quality, OTA upgrades, and online feedback.

  • High Resolution and Language Support: Both models maintain the original resolution and automatically switch to the car's original language.

Why Choose Our Wireless Adapter?

  • Hassle-Free Installation: Simple plug-and-play design allows for quick and easy setup.

  • Maintain Original Controls: Keep using your car's original steering wheel controls without any disruption.

  • Broad Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of vehicles and devices, ensuring a smooth transition to wireless connectivity.

  • Fast and Reliable: Enjoy fast data transmission with 5.8GHz WiFi, ensuring a stable and responsive connection.

Upgrade your car's infotainment system with the CarPlay Android Auto Wireless Adapter and enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity today. Enhance your driving experience with seamless integration and high-speed performance.

Perfect For:

  • iPhone Users: Transition to wireless CarPlay effortlessly.
  • Android Users: Enjoy wireless Android Auto without hassle.
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Works with a wide range of OEM wired CarPlay and Android Auto compatible cars.

Don't miss out on this essential upgrade for your vehicle. Order now and experience the future of wireless connectivity!

CarlinKit 2air Wireless Adapter for OEM CarPlay & Android Auto Car 2023 NEW

The CPC200-2air wireless Adapter provides a wireless connection to your car's existing Android Auto-capable or wired Apple CarPlay infotainment system, making it even easier to get all your favorite maps, media and messaging apps on your car display simply via bluetooth and wifi connection .

Is It Compatible with My Car and Mobile Phone?

Two things you need confirm first:

1.Only if your car is original with wired android auto enabled and you have android phone with android 11or newer version, then you can use this adapter for wireless android auto.

2.Only if your car is original with wired apple CarPlay enabled and you have iPhone with iOS 10 or newer version, then you can use this adapter for wireless CarPlay.

Let's Start Our Wireless Connection Now!

Say goodbye to cable CarPlay or Android auto, use your mobile phone in the car in a safer, simpler way.

Easy To Set Up for The First Connection

1.Plug the 2air wireless Adapter into Car's USB port

2.Turn on wifi and bluetooth then pair bluetooth to the device on your phone

3.Wait for few seconds to go to wireless CarPlay or Android auto on your car screen

Novel And Fashionable Lighting Design

The logo is not only an indicator light but also an atmosphere light and will be changed with the different color of album cover

Fast and Stable Media Transmission

5.8GHz transmission rate, fast data transmission speed and low latency makes it simple for users to connect to existing USB-enabled Android Auto or Apple CarPlay vehicles wirelessly, making it even easier to access apps using the car's display.

Seamless Connection! Set Out within 10-20s!

Once you turn off the car and then restart it, automatically connected with your phone within few seconds as soon as your car started, navigation and music are able to be turned on immediately on your car screen.

Continue Original Car Operation Methods

The A2A Adapter keeps all features of Android Auto like a wired connection such as original car dashboard and HUD head-up display, compatible with the original car microphone, continue the original car sound quality, steering wheel, button, knob and other operation methods of your original car.

More Advantages Of CarlinKit Dongle

1.The USB port on the wireless adapter not only support wired CarPlay or android auto connection, but also support data reading from USB drive.

2.Multiple devices connection list is supported by CarlinKit device which make it simple to switch phone at any time.

3.The new generation of CarlinKit device has a faster connection and reboot speed.

Personalized Settings & Online Upgrade

1.You can choose a nice image as your car logo in carplay or Android Auto home page, and custom the name of the image.

2.You can turn on/off the GPS option when there is a problem of drifting navigation position after connecting to the phone.

3.No more USB stick, check for update on real time and feedback log
(Updates are generally NOT recommended, please contact seller first)

Product Real Show

The CarlinKit logo is an indicator light, the color will be changed in different state.And the product size is smaller to save more space in your car.

CarlinKit 4.0⇊






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CarlinKit 5.0 & 4.0 Wireless CarPlay Mini Adapter Android Auto Dongle Smart Car Play Box for iOS & Android BT Wifi Auto Connect